Born in New York City, Roger Lian began his life in music at seventeen. With his first gig as a drummer in 1981, he began his journey on New York City's lower east side in the clubs of the Bowery. Soon after he began work in the Arista Records mailroom to help support his band and song writing, eventually working his way up to legendary Arista president Clive Davis as his general assistant.  

   In 1987 Roger got his first multi track analog tape machine and started producing, recording and mixing his friends bands which led to his first success with local radio airplay, not an easy task in the pre-internet days. 

   After a brief stint at A&M Records working for Herb Alpert, in 1989 Roger started working at Masterdisk and the journey of mastering began. Learning along side many contemporary mastering engineers Roger soon became a digital editor for Bob Ludwig.

 Below are a few special albums Roger worked on from the early 1990's.