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  The resurgence of the vinyl album format is a great way to expand as an artist and offer a different listening opportunity. Many artists aren't aware that a separate vinyl master should be created in the mastering process.


Most of the vinyl records made today simply use the same digital master used for CD's, iTunes and other digital platforms. Contemporary mixing and mastering engineers employ today's techniques so their work is competitive in the market place - which means almost everything is maxed out! 

This is not ideal since vinyl records- being analog- have a physical limitation: if a digital master is used, it must be reduced in level and eq frequencies.

  An alternate high resolution vinyl digital master is really the only way to go. This way all the compression and limiting used for the digital master can be avoided so your bass drum sounds like a bass drum and the vocals sound like a human being. This could certainly be called "old school" but it's the only "school" for an excellent vinyl listening experience.


Mastering for Vinyl

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The audio cassette underground is alive and awaiting it's turn, young bands are keeping this format going. Pictured is a release from "Prowler" and was a great merchandising product.

 Mastering for Cassette 


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